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It is not ease to create true, close-knit family
however it is even harder to save it and protect
The help is necessary i want to help

Our Programs

Academy of a family: Matrimonial love

Spouses participating in this course will be able to understand in what state is their marriage and how they can become more perfect in the plan of development of the personality and also as the husband and the wife. It is necessary to remember that only in harmonious marriage it is possible to create the environment which necessary for normal development of all family members.

Academy of a family: First steps

On this course of Academy of a family the young spouses having children less than 3 years will get acquainted with rules of education of children and the main skills which they need to teach children.

They will also open for themselves that at early age, thanks to filled with love and to consecutive education by mother and father the foundation of future happiness of the person is laid.

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About Fund

Any development begins with a family – a projection of society and all world order. Each new generation establishes a family just like own, and sometimes on contrary to the existing. Thereof often there is an internal conflict and need for personal growth and self-improvement. Support of Fund is focused on these intra personal and external processes. “The Holy Family” promotes growth of a family in the true sense of the word, by assistance to certain family members in everyday cares as from the moral point of view, and functional, offering training and support to those who needs it.

To establish the real, strong family is difficult, but it is even more difficult to store it and to preserve.

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To Philanthropists

The Russian Charity Foundation “The Holy Family” is the non-state organization which is carrying out the activity only on donations of philanthropists. You can help the Russian families to get up on a new step of the spiritual development based on traditional values. We are convinced that a healthy, full-fledged and happy family is a basis of development not only society, but also the country in general.

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