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About Fund

The Russian Charity Fund “The Holy Family” was founded in 1998 by monachal community in Vatican in order to support and develop the family institute extensively.

History of this special monachal community named “Younger Sisters of the Holy Family” has roots stretching back in Italy of 19 century where, as at the present days the issues of moral upbringing f young generation have been urgent for further society development. Activity of “Younger Sisters of the Holy Family” was repeatedly noticed in Vatican and widely represented not only in Italy but also in Switzerland, Albany, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Angola and many other countries.

In Russia the representatives of “The Holy Family” have been providing invaluable help to troubled families and children conducting vagrancy way of life.

Now the Fund experienced its second birth and its aim is to develop the family as the basis of societies’ well-being.

Any development begins from the family – society projection and the whole world order. Every new generation created a family according to its image and likeness of its own and sometimes in contradiction with existing image. As a result the inner conflict and need in personal growth and self-development is occurred. Fund is oriented directly to these inner personal and external processes.

“The Holy Family” contributes to the family growth in full meaning of this word by assistance to separate family members in everyday issues both from moral and functional points of view offering education and support to those who need.

It is not ease to create true, close-knit family however it is even harder to save it and protect.