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Council of the Fund

Винченцо ТраниVincenzo Trani finished the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations in Saint-Petersburg city, Russia with the specialization in “Events Economics”, and also in “Jurisprudence” direction. He was working in Italy in bank “Monte dei paschi di siena” and held different positions. During his last stay in Russia, beginning from 2002 he worked as a consultant on issues concerning small and medium businesses development in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and held a position of Deputy Director General at “KMD Bank” (currently “Bank Inteza”, CJSC), was a vice-president at “MDM Bank”. In 2009 he was appointed to be the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus in Naples city, he was awarded with the Medal of Honor for business development by the Secretary of State of the Federal Union State of Russia and Belarus Pavel Borodin, and later he received an award from the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy Silvio Berluskoni for career abroad. Moreover he was awarded with other awards in Italy in recognition of his brilliant career abroad. Vincenzo speaks Italian, Russian, and the English languages. He teaches “International Finance” in the Universities of Kassino and South Lazio, and he is a member of the Board of Directors of various countries and investment funds all over the world, including Russian fund MIR (“Modernisation, Innovations, Development”), which is managed by “The Agency for Strategic Initiatives” (ASI). Also he is a vice-president of Italian and Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a vice-president of Association of Companies and Enterprises GIM Unimpresa.
Хайме ФалькоJaime Falco finished the Economic Faculty of the University of Oviedo in 2000. Over the twenty years he has been working at Fomento-de-Centros de Ensenanza and held different positions in the Board of Directors of the Company’s group. Moreover, he held a position of Executive Director of SCHOLA Fund and from 2009 till 2012 he held a position of Managing Director of Salvarrey Fund and its cultural programs. In addition he was a partner-founder of the O&D International. Over the last fifteen years he has been actively supporting different events and programs on family development. He has Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) of Educational Companies and Master degree in Strategic Management and Marketing of ESADE. Since 2014 he lives in Moscow, works with San Telmo International Institute (International Institute San Telmo) and completes his doctoral thesis at PUSC, Rome.
Гебраускас ДарюсGerbauskas Darius was born in Lithuania in Kaunas city. In 1994 finished the Lithuanian Veterinarian Academy. In 1999 finished Technological University of Kanuas city. In 2004 started working in Pfizer Animal Health where he held different positions. Currently he continues his career in the same company in Russia. During the last fifteen years he is a member of the Board of Directors and Founders of several non-commercial organizations that organize activities aimed to family and individual institutions development.
Трани Альберто ДжузеппеTrani Alberto Giuseppe finished the Federico II University in Naples , Italy, Doctor in Dental Science. Post graduate studies, University of Helsinki, Finland. At the present time involved in researching projects and new products design and testing. Interested in the field of global finance, economics and trading