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To families

Activity of the Charity fund the “The Holy Family” aims to suport and help to strenghten families and spousal relations in Russian families. Charity fund “The Holy Family” cooperates with parents and families courses “Family Academy” and finance their programs “First steps” and “Matrimonial love”. These program sallow to obtain valuable knowledge and experience, which are aimed to building of full and happy life for all family members. Methods that are used are based on deep understanding of communicative and personal processos of faily members of any age.

Programs: “First Steps” and “Matrimonial Love” suit those couples which set as the purpose:

  • To strengthen the matrimonial relations
  • To understand more deeply the features of potential of development of children
  • To create a reliable platform for education and development of the child
  • To accept traditional family values as a basis of daily improvement of the union

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