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Our Programs

Charity fund “The Holy Family” cooperates with parents and families courses “Family Academy” and finance their programs “First steps” and “Matrimonial love”, the description of which you may see below:

Academy of a family: Matrimonial love

Spouses participating in this course will be able to understand in what state is their marriage and how they can become more perfect in the plan of development of the personality and also as the husband and the wife. It is necessary to remember that only in harmonious marriage it is possible to create the environment which necessary for normal development of all family members.

Course subjects:

  • Matrimonial bonds and matrimonial union
  • Matrimony: joint project of love and life
  • Communication of spouses
  • Balance between professional activity and a family
  • Family life

Plan of a course:

The course lasts for 3 months and consists of 3 meetings for 3.5 hours, and also additional independent work with use of the materials provided by the organizers.

Academy of a family: First steps

On this course of Academy of a family the young spouses having children less than 3 years will get acquainted with rules of education of children and the main skills which they need to teach children.

They will also open for themselves that at early age, thanks to filled with love and to consecutive education by mother and father the foundation of future happiness of the person is laid.

In this course also parents of more senior children — till 10 years can participate if it is their first course of Academy of a family. It will be a good opportunity for them to get acquainted with universal rules of education, and also a form of participation in courses of Academy.

This practical course will help to develop the positive skills of the child relating to the following spheres:

  • maintenance of an order
  • going to bed
  • meal
  • hygiene

Subject of a course:

  • Key aspects of development of the child
  • Family environment
  • Character and temperament
  • Communication between spouses
  • Influence of relatives
  • A game role in the child's life
  • Development of will and discipline

Plan of a course:

The course lasts for about 4 months and consists of 4 meetings for 3 hours and additional independent work with use of the materials provided by the organizers.